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System Design Project: assistive robotics

Worked in a team of 6 during a semester to develop an office helper robot. Focused on web-app development, organisation and marketing.

Google Summer of Code 2017

Worked on the open-source group chat application Zulip. Focus on front-end design, onboarding, web accessibility, and documentation.

Time Away

At Feral Vector 2018, hebden Bridge.

Microgames: How do I capture my life into a videogame?

At SUBOTRON Arcademy 2017, Vienna.

Blink and You'll Miss It: A Quick Look at Microgames

At ARCADIA 2017, Dundee.

Blink and You'll Miss It: A Quick Look at Microgames

At A MAZE 2017, Berlin.

Let’s get personal! (about games)

At AlterConf 2017, London.

Personal games: using simple tools for complicated feelings Workshop

At SCREENSHAKE 2017, Antwerp.

Twine Workshop

At IndieCade Europe 2016, Paris.

I really want to talk to you but I don't know how so here, have a game

At Indievelopment 2016, Utrecht.

One Game A Month

At Screenshake 2016, Antwerp.

Talk slides

A collection of slides and notes from my talks.

Encylopaedia Britannica

A data science and visualisation group project, exploring an unstructured dataset.


A portfolio site that is like a play.


Website, social media and print design for an alternative videogame zine.


A simple one-page portfolio website.

Tiny Book Space

A website concept: a list of books that take two hours or less to read.


A monochrome personal site concept.

+ many more

Portfolio of visual design work.

Game Exhibitions

Had games exhibited at Now Play This (as part of the Awkward Arcade), GamesAreForEveryone, SCREENSHAKE, and Play Expo Glasgow.


About losing track of friends in early adulthood. Was exhibited at a BFI x Code Liberation event.

Competitive Cuddling Simulator

About watching TV shows with someone on the sofa. Was nominated for a Young Game Designers BAFTA.


An audio-focused installation for the Zium Museum (2017), a virtual gallery space.


A self-paced rhythm game.

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

About visualising anxiety and depression. Was showcased at IndieCade and written about on the Scotsman. Part of the Awkward Arcade's "3 games by Vaida" installation.

Safe Place For Dust

About having a calm place for yourself. Part of the Awkward Arcade's "3 games by Vaida" installation.


About driving and listening to the radio. Part of the Awkward Arcade's "3 games by Vaida" installation.

Talks With My Mom

Experiment in linear storytelling about gender and sexuality. Has been written about on Kotaku and VICE.

+ many more

More than 40 experiments in game design and storytelling.

Interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland

For their Digital Makers series, 2016.

Interviewed by GameEngineStart


Interviewed by FemHype

For their Blanket Fort Chats series, 2016.


Edinburgh University's Game Development Society, with a focus on inclusivity and sharing of knowledge. President of the society in 2016 and 2017.

Hack the Burgh

Edinburgh's student-run hackathon. Part of the organisational team for the hackathon in 2016 and 2017.

Web development workshop

Designed to cover the basics of web development to a non-Informatics audience, run as part of the Careers in IT day at the University of Edinburgh.

CodeFirst: Girls

Non-profit offering free website development and coding courses for women. Volunteer instructor in 2016.

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