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Health & Wellbeing

How To Keep Loving Someone

Te Amo: The Practically Impossible Timing of Love

A Story of a Fuck Off Fund

You’re only 23. Stop rushing life.

How It Actually Feels to Live with Severe Anxiety

Neurotic Neurons: An interactive explanation

100 Days of Making

Gendered Embodiment and Enclothed Cognition

The Secret to Love Is Just Kindness

Becoming vs. Being

What It's Like to Have 'High-Functioning' Anxiety

On ghosts, or why I never want to be anybody’s muse

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is for Hackers

5 Self-Care Strategies That Aren't Fucking Mani-Pedis

Video games

Stop dwelling on graphics and embrace procedural generation

Orchids to Dusk Post-Mortem

Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All

Imposter Syndrome: Game Developers who feel like frauds

Just making things and being alive about it: the queer games scene

Human Angle: Queer Games: The Secret Avant Garde of Videogames

Closing the gap between queer and mainstream games

What is Twine? (for developers)

Gaming to cope: how developers are tackling real life

The Beginner's Guide and Videogame Criticism's Awkward Baby Steps

Games could learn a thing or two from confessional poetry's history

Designing Autobiographical Games

Finals Fantasy

Art movements in video games, Justwalkingism

Friedrich Romanticism and Games

Explorable Explanations

The Year in Anti-Games

Queer Things

What the response to ‘Carol’ says about expectations of queer narratives

Real Talk With Trans People

A guide to gender

This Trans Singer Isn’t Taking Hormones — But That Doesn’t Make Him Less Of A Man

The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue

Ultimate Infographic Guide to Dead Lesbian Characters on TV

Learning, Working & Creating

How I made peace with having so many interests

The Pitfall of Perfectionism — How I Escaped.

Not an Expert? Teach What You Know, Anyway

The One Side Project per Year Challenge

Thirty Percent Feedback

4 Major Ways to Cope with Social Anxiety

The Less Obvious Conference Checklist

David Firth | Heroes of Animation with Bing

Create more than you consume

The Awkwardly Simple Solution To Becoming Successful

Whatever You Do, Just Start.

Build the habit first

James Maa’s Productivity Hacking Guide

Why Some of us Don't Have One True Calling


Anthem, by Ayn Rand

George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language"

Lost at Sea

Moonwalking with Einstein